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亚搏app官网下载:【战术板】国安有控球无进球陷困境 胡尔克超强能力带动上港进攻
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At 20:00 on September 25, Beijing time, the 13th round of the first stage of the Super League in Suzhou ushered in a focus battle, Shanghai SIPG faced Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. In the first round of the match, the two teams used three central defenders at the same time. In the end, Shanghai SIPG won. In this campaign, the two teams switched to a four-back formation, and Shanghai SIPG was still the last laugh.


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From the point of view of the game, Shanghai SIPG has a low ball possession rate, but its offense is more efficient. Oscar and Hulk drove the offensive on the two sides and created many excellent opportunities by relying on set shots. The biggest problem of Beijing Guoan is the lack of finishing ability. Neither Alan nor Bakambu could seize the opportunity to give Shanghai SIPG a fatal blow. In the end, Beijing Guoan lost 0-1 to Shanghai SIPG, which secured the top spot in the Suzhou Division.


[Starting from both sides]


SIPG's first launch (433):


1 - Yan Junling / 23 Fu Huan, 13 - Wei Zhen (U23), 28 - he Tong, 4 - Wang shenchao / 19 - Muyi, 8 - Oscar, 20 - Yang Shiyuan / 10 - Hulk, 9 - Lopez (87; 5 - Shi Ke), 14 - Li Shenglong (91; 11 - LV Wenjun)

1 - Yan Junling / 23 Fu Huan, 13 - Wei Zhen (U23), 28 - he Tong, 4 - Wang shenchao / 19 - Muyi, 8 - Oscar, 20 - Yang Shiyuan / 10 - Hulk, 9 - Lopez (87; 5 - Shi Ke), 14 - Li Shenglong (91; 11 - LV Wenjun)

Substitutes: 2 - Zhang Wei, 3 - Yu Rui, 6 - Cai Huikang, 7 - anutovic, 12 - Chen Wei (U23), 15 - Lin Chuang Yi, 16 - maitijiang, 17 - Chen Binbin (U23), 21 - Yu Hai, 24 - Lei Wenjie (U23)

Substitutes: 2 - Zhang Wei, 3 - Yu Rui, 6 - Cai Huikang, 7 - anutovic, 12 - Chen Wei (U23), 15 - Lin Chuang Yi, 16 - maitijiang, 17 - Chen Binbin (U23), 21 - Yu Hai, 24 - Lei Wenjie (U23)

Guoan debut (442):


25 - Guo quanbo (U23) / 27 - Wang Gang, 2 - Jin Wenya (84; 22 - Yu Dabao), 3 - Yu Yang, 4 - Li Lei / 21 - biera, 23 - Li Ke (61; 11 - Fernando), 6 - Chi Zhongguo (84; 24 - Yang Fan), 10 - Zhang Xizhe (70; 20 - Wang Ziming) / 17 - bakanbu, 19 - Alan (61; 9 - Zhang Yuning (U23))

25 - Guo quanbo (U23) / 27 - Wang Gang, 2 - Jin Wenya (84; 22 - Yu Dabao), 3 - Yu Yang, 4 - Li Lei / 21 - biera, 23 - Li Ke (61; 11 - Fernando), 6 - Chi Zhongguo (84; 24 - Yang Fan), 10 - Zhang Xizhe (70; 20 - Wang Ziming) / 17 - bakanbu, 19 - Alan (61; 9 - Zhang Yuning (U23))

Substitutes: 1-housen, 16 Jin Pengxiang, 18 Jin Taiyan, 26 LV Peng, 28 Jiang Tao, 29 Barton, 32 Liu Guobo (U23)


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[It is difficult to control the ball and score goals, and the two forwards are in a sluggish state and Guoan's offense is at a deadlock]


In this campaign, Beijing Guoan used a parallel 442 formation. In the midfield, Chi Zhongguo and Li Ke partnered with double midfielders, and Zhang Xizhe and Biella served as the left and right midfielders. In the frontcourt, Alan and Bakambu formed a double forward.


Beijing Guoan’s tactics are mainly based on small ball conduction combined with ground penetration.


Genesio pays great attention to ball possession. The midfielders such as Chi Zhongguo, Zhang Xizhe and Vieira have excellent skills at the foot, especially Vieira, who is the absolute core of Beijing Guoan's possession of the ball.


Vieira's area of ​​activity is mainly between the striker and the midfield line. He needs to connect the team's offense and support the full-back forward. Vieira can maintain a high success rate regardless of short pass or medium and long distance passes, and his vision is also very broad.


Guoan's formation does not set up a dedicated winger, but instead uses the full-backs to make up for the lack of wing impact after taking advantage of the midfield. Therefore, the left guard Li Lei and the right guard Wang Gang both have the ability to advance assists. But this campaign


Through continuous penetration in the middle road, Guoan has also obtained good opportunities, but unfortunately they have not grasped it. From the picture above, we can see that Guoan made a quick offensive cooperation. Bakambu retraced and gave the ball to Li Ke, who was in the front. The latter passed directly to the unmarked Alan. Unfortunately, the latter handled the ball too slowly. Adjusted one more step, missed the best shot timing, and was finally cleared by Shanghai SIPG players.


In addition to Alan, Bakambu also forgot to bring his shooting boots. In the case that a small range of pass control cannot start the situation, Guoan deliberately increased the number of long passes, and the backcourt players directly connected the forward. Li Lei's long pass found Bakambu, who was also very clever in his running position. He got the ball in the area between the two central defenders in Shanghai SIPG, but his shot from a small angle still failed to test Yan Junling.


The biggest problem with Beijing Guoan in this campaign was that it occupied a large number of possessions, which did not actually translate into effective shooting opportunities.


There is no player in the penalty area who can hold the ball and shoot. No matter how many opportunities the two full-backs create, it is of no avail, and Vieira is not the type of grab points. Although Genesio replaced Zhang Yuning in the second half, Beijing Guoan still failed to get a chance to tie the score. The best chance was to be kicked away by Bakambu.


[Hulk with excellent offensive and defensive skills leads the offense, SIPG uses set-pieces efficiently to gain victory]


In this campaign, against the formidable enemy Beijing Guoan, Pereira did not choose the 3412 formation when the two teams met in the first round, but arranged the 433 formation that can exert the most offensive power. In midfield, Yang Shiyuan serves as the midfielder, with Oscar and Mu Yi on his left and right sides. In the frontcourt, Ricardo Lopez, Li Shenglong and Hulk formed three forwards.


As can be seen from the tactical diagram, Shanghai SIPG under the 433 formation has superior combat capabilities on both sides——

从战术图上可以看出,上海SIPG 433编队在双方作战能力上都具有优越性-

Although Pereira used Li Shenglong as the center forward in this campaign, SIPG relied more on the personal ability of foreign aid in the frontcourt when organizing the offense, that is, the player in the midfield and the backcourt immediately gave it to Hulk or Oscar in the frontcourt after a successful steal , Using the ability of foreign aid to further oppress the defensive core area of ​​Beijing Guoan.


The Oscar on the left has a very high degree of freedom. When the team organized the offense, he frequently jumped in and kept parallel positions with Ricardo Lopez and Li Shenglong on the front line.


At the same time without the ball, Shanghai SIPG also pays attention to high position pressure, that is, through the midfield and forward pressure to limit Beijing Guoan's backcourt shots. Among them, Li Shenglong, who has plenty of physical energy and strong impact, plays an important role, and his range of activities is very large.


The characteristic of Hulk this season is that he has a very large range of activities. He also often retreats to the midfield to get the ball, assist the team in organizing the offense, and actively seek cooperation with Oscar.


Hulk undoubtedly possesses super personal ability, and he also played an important role in the rapid counterattack of Shanghai SIPG. As can be seen from the above picture segment, Hulk used his left foot to accurately connect with Ricardo Lopez, who was on the weak side, when he counterattacked, and Wang Gang’s interception also made a mistake, but Lopez’s shot turned out to be high. Up.


When Hulk dribbled the ball, it was difficult for Beijing Guoan to limit it, and could only put him down for a foul and gave Shanghai SIPG a chance to set the ball in the front court. Hulk was violated 8 times in this campaign


In the 43rd minute of the game, Shanghai SIPG got the opportunity to set the ball in the front court. Hulk shot the goal against Li Ke, who was defending in the penalty area, and the referee gave a penalty kick after the VAR played back. Hulk made a penalty and helped Shanghai SIPG break the deadlock and take the lead.


In the ensuing game, Hulk also used the set-kick opportunity to almost expand the score. His vigorous shot hit the crossbar, and then Oscar's supplementary shot was blocked by the Shanghai SIPG defender. Nevertheless, Shanghai SIPG kept the score advantage to the end.


In the end, Shanghai SIPG defeated Beijing Guoan 1-0 and secured the first place in the Suzhou Division.




No one commented, but quiet


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