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亚搏app官网下载_苏亚雷斯:中国很美丽人们很善良 想助队友摆脱困境
发布时间:2021-10-12 02:48:02

   Source of manuscript: New Vision of Sports


   The new addition to the team that Jinmen fans are concerned about, Brazilian forward Suarez is still alone in the hotel isolation in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations. If all goes well, the Brazilian will officially report to the team for training on October 9th (this Friday). A few days ago, the Brazilian "Global Sports" website conducted a brief interview with Suarez through a network connection, and he also told how he felt when he first arrived in China.


   Brazil’s “Global Sports” website reported with the headline: Before TEDA’s official debut, Ticino Suarez was training in a hotel room.

巴西“全球体育”网站的标题是:TEDA正式亮相之前,提契诺·苏亚雷斯(Ticino Suarez)正在酒店房间里训练。

   On October 1, Tianjin TEDA Football Club officially announced that two players, center Ticino Suarez and Shenhua central defender Jiang Shenglong, who had previously played for the Portuguese Super League in Porto, have officially joined. According to Zhu Yi, the China manager of the German "Transfer Market" website, the contract between TEDA and Suarez expires at the end of December 2023. After joining TEDA, Suarez will wear the No. 18 jersey.


   After arriving in Tianjin, Suarez started a 14-day medical quarantine observation in the hotel in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations. Although he is currently unable to participate in the team's joint training, in the hotel, Suarez is training alone in accordance with the plan made by the coach to maintain his physical condition. Suarez had many fresh feelings when he first arrived in China. In an interview with Brazil's "Global Sports", he also introduced his current situation.




   I have never played football in Asia, and I have never experienced the days of training alone in a hotel, which is very special for me. However, my physical condition is very good. The club gave me a training schedule. I will train separately in the room according to the above requirements. I do this every day, and I hope to be fully prepared for the next stage of the league. I hope that after the quarantine period is over, I can contribute my strength to the team as soon as possible. In addition to training, I chat with my family almost every day, which makes my life easier and eliminates some of my longing. ,

我从未在亚洲踢过足球,也从未体验过在酒店里独自训练的日子,这对我来说非常特别。但是,我的身体状况很好。俱乐部给了我训练时间表。我将根据上述要求在房间内单独训练。我每天都会这样做,希望为联盟的下一阶段做好充分的准备。我希望隔离期结束后,能尽快为团队贡献力量。除了训练外,我几乎每天与家人聊天,这使我的生活更加轻松,消除了我的一些渴望。 ,

-- Suarez, member of Tianjin TEDA football team




   Previously, Suarez, who was under medical isolation and observation in a Tianjin hotel, posted a magical selfie video on his personal social media.


   During the days when he was under medical isolation and observation in the hotel, Suarez was undoubtedly lonely, but the careful service provided by the hotel still made him feel a little warm. For example, the hotel staff will deliver three meals a day to the designated area at the door of the room on time, and these seemingly inconspicuous little details make Suarez very moved.




  Although I came to the hotel after I arrived in China, I haven't had more opportunities to learn about the country, but I have found that China is very beautiful and the people here are also very attentive and kind. Now my biggest wish is to leave here as soon as possible to help my teammates get out of trouble.


-- Suarez, member of Tianjin TEDA football team




   The picture comes from a report on the Brazilian "Global Sports" website, with the headline: Before the TEDA team officially debuts, Ticino Suarez is training in a hotel room.


   During a brief interview with "Global Sports", Suarez mentioned more than once that he hopes to play his role and help the team get out of the quagmire of relegation. It is not difficult to see that Suarez has a strong desire to fight, and Tianjin fans are full of expectations for him. At the moment when TEDA is about to usher in the relegation battle, Suarez has been regarded as a key figure in improving the team's offense and even affecting the battle. So, can Suarez, who has no previous experience in the Super League, quickly integrate into the team and exert his immediate combat power? Some successful examples of new aids from the Super League teams this season are worth learning.




   In February this year, the 31-year-old midfielder Alexandrini landed in the Super League and joined Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang. Can the Frenchman, who had spent most of his career in France and then made the American League, succeed in the Super League? This is the doubt of many Qingdao fans. However, Alexandrini soon conquered Qingdao fans and even national fans with his outstanding performance. In the second round of the league, Huang Hai played against Yongchang, and Alessandrini kicked a fairy deciduous ball. In the 10th round, Alessandrini broke through the Shanghai SIPG’s gate with a shocking barb shot. Many fans think this The ball has booked the best goal of the season in advance.


   So far this season, Alessandrini has played 12 times, with a cumulative playing time of 995 minutes. He has contributed 7 goals and 1 assist for Qingdao Huanghai, which is the "thigh" of the team. Why can a player who has never played in the Super League quickly integrate into the team and reflect his core values? In this regard, Alessandrini, who is called "Yali" by the fans, gave his own answer: "Because I have played in different places before, I also have experience in this area. I often play with young players off the court. Communication, during the game, I will also encourage my teammates around me. Now I can understand the thinking of Chinese players more deeply, which makes our cooperation more tacit."




As the key signings of Chongqing Modern this season, Brazilian player Cyrino has been placed high hopes by Chongqing fans, but his performance in the early stages of the league was unsatisfactory, and even staged the embarrassment of not making a goal, so some fans gave him deduction Put on a parallel hat. In the sixth round of the league against Yongchang, Cyrino ushered in his own redemption battle. He used a goal to help Chongqing team win the first victory of next season. Since then, Cyrino's condition is getting better and better. In the first stage, he He played 10 games for the Chongqing team and contributed 2 goals and 2 assists.


  Cirino’s success is not accidental. In his opinion, there is no secret to success. It is to train hard, follow the intentions of the coaching staff to run well with teammates, and constantly adjust their mentality, everything will become natural. In Sirino's view, off-court homework is also very important for his integration into the team. He broke the news that he took the initiative to eat Chongqing hot pot: "I know that hot pot is a very important diet in Chongqing. In order to adapt to Chinese culture faster, I have taken the initiative to eat hot pot, and I feel that I can bear it." In addition, he actively interacted with each other through translation. The domestic players communicate and enhance mutual trust through communication.

Cirino的成功并非偶然。他认为,成功没有秘密。这是刻苦训练,按照教练组的意图与队友一起好跑,并不断调整他们的心态,一切都会变得自然。 Sirino认为,场外作业对于他融入团队也很重要。他爆料说,他主动吃了重庆火锅:“我知道火锅是重庆非常重要的饮食。为了更快适应中国文化,我主动吃了火锅,我觉得我可以承受。”此外,他还通过翻译积极地进行了互动。国内企业通过交流沟通,增进互信。

In addition, as a Brazilian player, Sirino also revealed an important factor for his integration into the team: "The Brazilian has a good tradition, that is, the fellow of his country comes to a team, and other Brazilians will do their best to help him. Caldek , Fernandinho and Marcinho all helped me, tell me about the team’s traditions, and let me adapt to the culture and habits here as soon as possible. I am very grateful to them."




  If you talk about how fast you can integrate into the team, SIPG's foreign aid Lopez is one of them. Although he has never played in the Super League before, he is familiar with the atmosphere and rhythm of the entire East Asian football because of his long-term performance in the Korean League. At the same time, Lopez also has innate advantages like Sirino, that is, there are Brazilian fellows like Hulk and Oscar in the team, who can help him integrate as soon as possible. Of course, Lopez’s success is also related to his precise positioning of himself. He knows very well that he cannot have too much possession of the ball like big players like Hulk and Oscar. Therefore, he passes diligence on the court. His running and support, to involve the opponent's defensive energy, or run out of space, to win a chance for himself. At the beginning of the league, Lopez was really amazing. He scored 4 goals in a row and was once in a hot state. However, in the subsequent games, Lopez experienced a 12-round scoring drought. The reason is that he is more and more active on the right. The more I like Hulk to break through with the ball, it is not the first time I choose to cooperate with his teammates. Although Lopez's skills are good, he has not succeeded many times, but it has dragged down the team's offense.


Compared to Lopez, the Australian player Mu Yi arrived late. After Mu Yi, who came from the "Premier League midfielder" halo, landed in the Super League, he did not show his superiority. Instead, he won with a low-key and reserved style. The goodwill of the fans. Although there was no systematic training in the offseason before joining SIPG, Mu Yi still maintained high demands on himself. He had a regular routine and always maintained his physical condition in a high state. After joining SIPG, Mu Yi did basic physical training while appropriately participating in team training. At the same time, the team also adopted the way of match-up training to improve Mu Yi's physical condition and game state. Mu Yi did not live up to the trust of coach Pereira and his teammates. He ushered in his debut in the SIPG vs. Zall game and scored a goal to help SIPG win 2-1. In the view of SIPG coach Pereira, Murray's outstanding personal ability and high professionalism are the reasons why he can quickly integrate into the team.

与洛佩兹相比,澳大利亚选手穆伊迟到了。来自“总理联赛中场”光环的穆毅登陆超级联赛后,他没有表现出自己的优势。相反,他以低调而保留的风格获胜。粉丝们的善意。尽管在加入SIPG之前的休赛期没有进行系统的培训,但穆毅仍然对自己保持很高的要求。他有规律的作息,并始终保持身体健康。加入SIPG后,穆毅在适当参加团队训练的同时进行了基础体育锻炼。同时,该队还采用对战训练的方式来改善穆毅的身体状况和比赛状态。穆伊没有辜负佩雷拉教练和他的队友的信任。他在SIPG与Zall的比赛中首次亮相,并进球帮助SIPG 2-1获胜。 SIPG教练佩雷拉(Pereira)认为,穆雷(Murray)杰出的个人能力和高度的专业精神是他能够迅速融入团队的原因。



   This season, Hebei Huaxia Fortune’s foreign aid has changed blood. Sierra Leone forward Buja Toure, Bosnia-Herzegovina midfielder Mémisevic and Brazilian midfielder Paulinho joined the team. Under such circumstances, China Fortune Land Development faces the arduous task of re-cultivating the tacit understanding between foreign players and local players and restructuring the overall tactics. According to the characteristics of each foreign aid, coach Xie Feng started from restructuring the tactical system, and finally achieved a breakthrough point and revitalized the team. Xie Feng first completed the transformation of Malkang. Instead of letting him rush and fight, let him play the full role of the pillar center in the attack, fully mobilize his sense of cooperation, and make Malkang a very threatening striker. Big pivot. Behind Malcon, the naturalized player Goulart is another core of the team's offense. He plays the role of midfielder.


As for the new aid Buja Toure, Xie Feng put him on the left wing position, and in a familiar position, Toure is like a fish in water. He has fast speed, skilled feet, excellent breakthrough ability, and sense of smell in front of the goal His keen characteristics were brought into full play. In the 638 minutes of the first stage, Toure contributed 2 goals and 4 assists, which is the forward edge of China Fortune.


   Black Boss Memishevich is a versatile midfielder. He can play as both a central defender and a midfielder, with a wide range of tactics. After a period of use, Xie Feng found that he was more suitable for playing the midfielder, so he arranged for him to play double midfielder with Wang Qiuming. During the game, Memishevich not only defended in place, but also performed well in forward passing and organizing offense. The Bosnia and Herzegovina, who connected the team's offensive and defensive ends, played 953 minutes in the first stage and contributed 1 goal. And 3 assists, is one of the heroes of China Fortune to reach the top four in the competition.


   The above successful examples of the Chinese Super League’s new aid show that if you want to quickly integrate into the team and exert your immediate combat power, you must at least do the following:












  Specifically, Teda’s new aid Suarez has a high level of professionalism. Recently, he has been physically training according to the coaching staff’s plan. In addition, he has also expressed his desire to integrate into the team quickly, so don’t worry. For Suarez, after the quarantine was lifted, he spent less than a week in training with the TEDA team. During this period, he had to experience the journey from Tianjin to Jinan and then to Dalian. The time for running in was quite limited. From the previous professional resume, Suarez's scoring efficiency is not low, but he is a point-grabbing center that relies heavily on wing crosses. Judging from the current actual situation, it seems unrealistic to let Suarez take the initiative to adapt to TEDA’s existing tactics. The coaching staff can only create a proficient side-center attack mode in a short time, so that the two wings can provide Suarez with enough Cannonballs are expected to activate this highly anticipated striker killer at the fastest speed.


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