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This year’s League of Legends S10 Global Finals is less than a week away. From previous years, this time is usually the official release of the League of Legends S game MV to make the final warm-up time for the event.


This year coincides with the tenth year of the S competition. After experiencing the high-level finals MVs such as "Warrior", "Nirvana" and "Climbing the Peak" in recent years, the audience's expectations for this year's theme song MV have reached unprecedented levels. height.

今年恰逢S比赛的第十个年头。在经历了近年来的“ Warrior”,“ Nirvana”和“ Climbing the Peak”等高级总决赛MV之后,观众对今年主题曲MV的期望达到了前所未有的水平。高度。

But at this highly anticipated moment, Riot Games, known as the "music company that was delayed by making games," has pulled its hips in the MV of the finals, where it excels.

但是在这个备受期待的时刻,被称为“因制作游戏而被延迟的音乐公司”的Riot Games在总决赛的MV中表现出色。

At 11 o'clock in the evening on September 17, League of Legends officially released the theme MV of this year's global finals "Unprecedented" through Bilibili and Youtube. As of press time, this MV has been released for nearly 5 days, and it has received 5.55 million views and 49,696 comments on station B. These two data on Youtube are 9.08 million and 31,741 comments, respectively, and the attention is quite high.


But after it went live, this MV has aroused different responses in audiences at home and abroad, especially among the core players of League of Legends. In China, there are more doubts from the audience and more intense emotional reactions.


"Where to Go" is produced by Riot Games' music team and sung by singers Jeremy Mckinnon, Max and Liu Xianhua. The MV part was jointly produced by Riot Music Team and The Line Animation, which is an animation production company based in London founded in 2013. The video is 3 minutes and 45 seconds in length and tells the story of an e-sports player who constantly breaks through with the support of his predecessors.

“去哪里”由Riot Games的音乐团队制作,并由歌手Jeremy Mckinnon,Max和Liu Xianhua演唱。 MV部分由Riot音乐小组和The Line Animation公司联合制作,后者是一家动画制作公司,总部位于伦敦,成立于2013年。该视频时长3分45秒,讲述了一个不断电竞的故事。在他的前任的支持下取得了突破。

In addition to the art-level factors such as music and art style in the MV, it is difficult to adjust, some commercial elements in "Unprecedented" have become one of the main reasons for audience dissatisfaction. Regardless of the content of the video, "Where to Go" is actually the first large-scale commercialization attempt by League of Legends in the MV of the S game theme song.

MV中除了音乐和艺术风格等艺术层面的因素难以调整外,“空前”中的一些商业元素也成为引起观众不满的主要原因之一。无论视频内容如何,​​“ Where to Go”实际上是英雄联盟在S游戏主题曲MV中的首次大规模商业化尝试。

In this video of 3 minutes and 45 seconds, brands such as OPPO, Mercedes-Benz, Alien, SecretLab and so on are exposed one after another. The logos of these brands mainly focus on the first 2 minutes and 06 seconds of the video and the last shot of the whole story. According to the statistics of "E-Sports Business Meta", the first half of the brand exposure took 28 seconds, and in the last shot of the whole article, the OPPO logo was exposed for 10 seconds in an almost completely still picture.


From the perspective of communication effects, this implantation is indeed in place, but the reputation is worrying. After OPPO's official Weibo reposted the theme song MV, this Weibo could only be deleted because of turbulent comments.

从传播效果的角度来看,这种植入确实存在,但声誉令人担忧。 OPPO官方微博重新发布了主题曲MV之后,由于评论不畅,该微博只能删除。

What caused such a rebound that was unexpected by both the official and brand owners? Let us take this MV as a marketing vehicle for specific analysis.


For gamers and event viewers, watching the global finals MV every year is equivalent to a "pilgrimage"; for League of Legends officials, this year's MV also undertook an unprecedented commercialization attempt. From the player's perspective, it is not new to have an aversion to commercial content, but this is not a reason to deny commercialization. It has long been proven that it is not an impossible task in the marketing field to complete commercialization while satisfying the audience.


At least judging from the situation of "Nothing to See", its problem does not come from the commercialization itself, but the methods and techniques of commercialization.


So far, League of Legends has produced 6 finals MVs since S4 in 2014. Judging from their past successful experience, the theme song + MV of the previous finals usually lays easter eggs related to players and events in the film, waiting for players to discover surprises.

到目前为止,英雄联盟自2014年的S4以来已制作了6项决赛MV。从他们过去的成功经验来看,先前决赛的主题曲+ MV通常会在影片中放下与玩家和事件相关的复活节彩蛋,等待玩家发现惊喜

"Unprecedented" is undoubtedly copying this successful model, and hopes to resonate with the MV through the "Easter Eggs" and stalks in the video content, and at the same time, it can also generate a sense of identity for the implanted brand. . However, in the step of "making the content resonate with the audience", the situation has appeared in "All Directions".

“史无前例”无疑将复制这种成功的模型,并希望通过“复活节彩蛋”和视频内容中的茎杆与MV产生共鸣,同时,它也可以为植入的品牌产生一种认同感。 。但是,在“使内容引起观众共鸣”的步骤中,情况出现在“所有方向”上亚搏app官网下载。

First, from the shallowest point of view. The story line of the MV of "Where To Be Unparalleled" almost completely replicates the 2018 "Climbing the Peak". It’s okay to use anonymous people and ordinary people as the starting point, but from the perspective of casting, the two “unknown e-sports players” of the fictitious man and woman in "Are There Forever" are indeed inferior to the old man who fought and avenged himself in "Dengfeng" South Korean player Ambition can resonate with the audience, which can be reflected in the MV comments and barrage.

首先,从最浅的角度来看。 MV的故事情节“无与伦比”几乎完全复制了2018年的“攀登高峰”。可以使用匿名者和普通人作为起点,但是从演员的角度来看,《永远存在》中虚拟男人和女人的两个“未知电子竞技选手”的确不如老人在“登封”中战斗并报仇的韩国选手Ambition可以引起观众共鸣,这可以从MV的评论和弹幕中反映出来。

Secondly, from the story line of the MV of "Where to Go", it is through Xpeke, Faker, Mata, Yu Wenbo, Gao Tianliang and other previous S championships to express a concept of "inheritance". However, most of the S game and player-related easter eggs in the film are too obscure, which prevents the MV from igniting the enthusiasm of the audience when they first watch it. They often need to analyze frame by frame afterwards to see the doorway. This is not a problem, after all, this is the fun of finding eggs. But this year there was a comparison item suddenly-the major brands have made more crude exposures in key positions in the film. The logical difference between the two images has aroused the audience's resentment to a certain extent.

其次,从“去哪儿” MV的故事情节出发,它是通过Xpeke,Faker,Mata,于文博,高天亮等以前的S冠军来表达“继承性”的概念。但是,影片中的大多数S游戏和与玩家相关的复活节彩蛋都太模糊了,这会阻止MV激发观众首次观看时的热情。他们经常需要事后逐帧分析以查看门口。毕竟这不是问题,这是发现鸡蛋的乐趣。但是今年突然有了一个比较项目-主要品牌在影片的关键位置上进行了更多的原油曝光。两幅图像之间的逻辑差异在一定程度上引起了观众的反感。

Finally, judging from the content ideas of "Where to Go", the film embodies the concept of "the more frustrated, the more courageous" into the action of coin resurrection, which is in line with the concept of e-sports, especially the knockout game-e-sport Players have a short career, small mistakes in the game, and even inaction will cause them to be eliminated directly, and many people have no chance to come back. This seemingly small setting, once it conflicts with the e-sports event it represents, is also a deduction item.


Of course, there is another situation that needs to be noted. The difference between Eastern and Western cultures, including e-sports player culture, is also shown in this MV. Although Chinese Rap is added to the music, the core of the story and animation is still more Western. The reason for more controversy in China-this is similar to the response of the recent Disney movie "Mulan". But after all, S10 is held in China, and the sentiment of the Chinese audience is stronger.


Judging from the above points, as a marketing content product, "Nothing to See" has not fully grasped the target group of players in the production process. More precisely, there is a deviation in the trade-off between commercial implementation and caring for/attracting the player community.


There are two main reasons for this situation.


First of all, the commercialization of the League of Legends Global Finals this year is gradually improving. From the perspective of investment promotion, this year is the most successful one. The joining of heavyweight sponsors such as Bose, Mercedes-Benz, Logitech, and Intel has increased the business cooperation and obligations that the event officials have to perform.

首先,今年的英雄联盟全球总决赛的商业化正在逐步改善。从投资促进的角度来看,今年是最成功的一年。 Bose,Mercedes-Benz,Logitech和Intel等重量级赞助商的加入增加了赛事官员必须履行的业务合作和义务。

Secondly, due to the epidemic this year, offline watching of S10 will be greatly affected. Judging from the news previously announced by the event official, this year's S10 finalists, group stages and knockouts will all be held in Shanghai SMT's M-HUB. There will be no spectators in the early game, but will try to allow a small number of spectators to enter the game during the finals. Riot Games’ global e-sports director John Needham said at the September 21 press conference that whether spectators will be allowed to enter the game during the finals has not yet been determined, and public safety is the top priority.

其次,由于今年的流行,S10的离线观看将受到很大影响。从赛事官员先前宣布的消息来看,今年的S10决赛选手,小组赛和淘汰赛都将在上海SMT的M-HUB举行。比赛开始时不会有观众,但会尽量避免让少数观众进入决赛。 Riot Games全球电子竞技总监John Needham在9月21日的新闻发布会上说,尚未确定在决赛期间是否允许观众进入游戏,而公共安全是重中之重。

From this point of view, in order to protect the rights and interests of sponsors, the official event will inevitably make up for it in online content. Sponsor exposure in the finals MV is arguably one of the most important means before the event starts.


Combining the above two points, sponsors will have greater say in the production and design of this year's MV.


Is the experience of ordinary viewers/players and sponsor rights necessarily contradictory? Is it really impossible to meet the needs of both parties at the same time? of course not.


In fact, due to the widespread resistance of the player community to commercial content, despite the huge potential, Riot Games has always been cautious in the commercialization of game content.

实际上,由于玩家社区对商业内容的广泛抵抗,尽管潜力巨大,Riot Games一直对游戏内容的商业化持谨慎态度。

But let's not say far, Fist also made its first tentative attempt in May this year.


On May 27th, Riot Games announced on its official website and official push that it will add advertising banners for sponsors in the Summoner Canyon of the professional league to provide sponsors with brand exposure. The specific method is to arrange several banners with sponsor logos in the Summoner Canyon in the League of Legends game scene. So far, event sponsor Mercedes-Benz will confirm to appear on the banner of Summoner's Canyon during the World Championship.

5月27日,Riot Games在其官方网站上宣布并正式宣布,它将在职业联赛的召唤者峡谷中为赞助商添加广告横幅,为赞助商提供品牌知名度。具体方法是在英雄联盟游戏场景中的召唤者峡谷中布置带有赞助商徽标的横幅。到目前为止,赛事赞助商梅赛德斯-奔驰将确认在世锦赛期间出现在召唤师峡谷的旗帜上。

However, this attempt did not arouse any opposition from the players, precisely because this advertising implantation method neither affected the players nor the audience. In addition, the element of "flag" is also very consistent with the design style of Summoner's Canyon, and does not appear abrupt. In a word, this marketing method and its carrier are compatible and coordinated.


Compared with traditional sports events, you can refer to the World Cup, the largest event in the football field. In order to protect the rights and interests of sponsors and avoid the audience's possible disgust, the World Cup began to release brand-related World Cup promotion songs for sponsor Coca-Cola since 2010, and the official theme song of the World Cup was completely returned to the audience. Since 2010, Coca-Cola has released three World Cup promotion songs, Wavin’ Flag, The World is Ours and Colors.


Before the commercialization and expansion of game content, Riot used the MV animation form to try for the first time. It may become a classic case if it is done well, but because it is the first time, this is more likely to be a compulsory course it has to go through. But this class is not just for game manufacturers. Brands that are committed to e-sports marketing also need to learn from the experience and lessons. After all, the most important thing for marketing is to grasp the hearts of the target population.


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