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On July 31, 1936, a piece of news that made the Japanese imperial capital boiled from the Berlin Conference, Tokyo defeated Helsinki, Finland, and won the right to host the 12th Olympic Games. According to the news of the year, the celebration in Tokyo was no less than the scene when Beijing applied for the Olympic Games in 2001. The Japanese have vowed to make the Tokyo Olympics a grand event of historical significance.


However, a gunshot at Lugou Bridge the following year officially began Japan’s war of aggression against China and also aggravated the situation of the international war. World War II has begun, Japan has entered the wartime system, public opinion has been tightened, cultural entertainment has ceased, and Japan includes Olympic gold medals. Army equestrian athletes including the winner Nishi Captain "suspended training." On September 6, Kono Ichiro of the Seiyukai spoke at the House of Representatives Budget Committee, saying that "if the soldiers suspend equestrian training, then all citizens should stop", openly Call for the suspension of the Tokyo Fifth Ring Road.

但是,次年在芦沟桥开枪,日本正式发动了侵华战争,加剧了国际战争的局面。第二次世界大战已经开始,日本已进入战时体系,舆论已经收紧,文化娱乐活动已经停止,日本获得了奥运会金牌。包括获胜者西船长在内的陆军马术运动员“暂停训练”。 9月6日,声优会的河野一郎在众议院预算委员会上发表讲话说,“如果士兵中止马术训练,那么所有公民都应停止”,公开呼吁中止东京第五环路。

The war immediately brought about a huge consumption of national wealth, and the supply of materials began to be tight. In order to host the Olympics, the organizing committee had decided to build a 110,000-person stadium costing 8 million yen and 1,000 tons of steel bars, which is equivalent to the entire national budget of Japan. Of 3%.


But everything was dragged down by the war. Japan could not provide the economy to support the hosting of the Olympic Games. Other countries also expressed their reluctance to send athletes to Tokyo to participate in the Games. Under this circumstance, the head of the administration of the 1938 Tokyo Olympic Games and Minister of Health and Welfare Kido Yuki officially made the decision to suspend the Tokyo Olympics and the extension of the Tokyo World Expo originally scheduled for the same year. The war was the biggest reason for canceling the Tokyo Olympics.


Therefore, Japan's dream of hosting the Olympics could only be postponed until 1964 finally fulfilled Japan's dream of hosting the Olympics.


56 years later, when Tokyo, Japan is about to once again become the stage of the Olympic Games, the new coronavirus is roaring in the cold wind of 2020. From the first case of no travel history to Wuhan in Japan at the end of January, to the disembarkation of the "Diamond Princess" passengers in February to infect staff, Japan has never really paid attention to the new coronavirus.


Soon, Japan felt the horror of the virus. The number of confirmed cases exceeded three digits, and there were confirmed deaths. As of the time of writing, there were 557 confirmed cases and 19 deaths in Japan. In the upcoming Olympic Games, many voices are considering the postponement or even cancellation of the Olympic Games.


However, Japan definitely does not want the Olympic Games to be postponed or even cancelled. The reason is very simple. The domestic epidemic in Japan is still under control, and for the Olympic Games, they can be described as "careful preparations."


The first is the cost. Japan has invested 26 billion US dollars in preparation for the Olympic Games. For them whose economic situation is not ideal, this expenditure can be said to have moved their family. Second, because of the nuclear radiation incident 9 years ago, Japan has been waiting for the opportunity. To reshape the image of the country, environmental protection has also become an aspect that Japan wants to show to the world; finally, Japan’s domestic economy is tepid, and the Olympic Games can bring considerable economic income to a country. This is also Japan’s desire for economic growth again. This is an opportunity for Japan, so the Olympic Games really cannot afford to lose to Japan.


In the history of the Olympic Games, the Summer Olympics have been cancelled three times, all because of wars. Tokyo has experienced it once. If this time is cancelled because of the new coronavirus, history will be made again.


The European Cup in 2020 is also a grand event in the world sports world this year. In order to commemorate the 60 years of the European Championship, UEFA decided to hold the European Championship in the way of a tour. This idea is full of heart. Considering that most European countries are not far together, this year The European Cup is likely to become a classic case in the history of world football.


However, European countries have successively fallen under the ravages of the new coronavirus, especially Italy. In the protests of Inter Milan President Zhang Kangyang, the Italian Football Association did not seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. Then when Juventus’s Rugani was diagnosed, 5 Sampdoria’s players were infected, and the Italian Football Association and UEFA’s talents Aware of the power of the virus. But the virus has spread in Europe. Arsenal coach Arteta and Chelsea winger Odoi have been diagnosed one after another. Among them, the existing diagnoses in Italy have exceeded those in China.


In this case, the European Cup will inevitably be fatally affected. The tournament system of the tour is the biggest feature, but when the epidemic develops, various cross-infections may occur. French media "Team Daily" stated that UEFA has called members to hold a video conference next Tuesday, and UEFA is likely to postpone the announcement of the 2020 European Cup to 2021.

在这种情况下,欧洲杯将不可避免地受到致命影响。巡回赛的比赛系统是最大的特色,但是当流行病发展时,可能会发生各种交叉感染。法国媒体《 Team Daily》表示,欧洲足联已召集成员在下周二举行视频会议,欧洲足联可能会将2020年欧洲杯的宣布推迟到2021年。

Health is the top priority in the face of the virus, and the progress of the epidemic in Europe may reach its peak after climbing. Whether the European Cup will be held in a different place, or postponed or even cancelled, it is indeed possible.


Of course, among the three possibilities, the least possibility is to change the venue. After all, it is only three months before the opening of the European Cup. Most of the cities in Europe that host matches of this scale are also the countries where the five major leagues are located. , Britain, Germany, and the West are all in the epidemic area. Like other countries who want to achieve the ability to host the European Cup in just three months, I am afraid that some are difficult. Moreover, the mobility between fans and players is difficult to ensure safety. A European Cup without spectators? I am afraid it will not appear.

当然,在这三种可能性中,最小的可能性是改变场地。毕竟,距离欧洲杯开幕只有三个月了。欧洲举办这种规模比赛的大多数城市也是五个大联盟所在的国家/地区。 ,英国,德国和西方都在该地区。像其他希望在短短三个月内获得举办欧洲杯的能力的国家一样,恐怕有些国家很难。而且,风扇和玩家之间的移动性难以确保安全。没有观众的欧洲杯?恐怕它不会出现。

Up to now, the number of cases of players infected with the new coronavirus is increasing every day. First, Serie A Rugani was diagnosed, then Sampdoria’s Collet, Ekdal, Lagumina and Tosby were diagnosed, and Premier League’s Arteta , Odoi has been diagnosed. Luka Killian of the Bundesliga Paderborn has been diagnosed as the first case of infection in the Bundesliga, and the CEO of La Liga Leganes Club Martin Ortega has been diagnosed; currently only the French League has not fallen... …

到目前为止,每天感染新的冠状病毒的玩家数量在增加。首先,先诊断出意甲(Serie A Rugani),然后诊断出桑普多利亚(Sampdoria)的Collet,Ekdal,Lagumina和Tosby,并诊断出英超联赛的Arteta(Odoi)。德甲帕德博恩(Bundesliga Paderborn)的卢卡·基利安(Luka Killian)被诊断为德甲联赛中的第一例感染病例,西甲Leganes Club Martin Ortega的首席执行官也被诊断出;目前只有法国联赛还没有沦陷……

Under this circumstance, the five major leagues also had to declare the league to enter the "isolation period." Life is higher than football, and the timely suspension of the five major leagues will protect the health of more players and fans, but of course this decision will also have many implications.


Before the Inter Milan chairman Zhang Kangyang publicly questioned the Serie A chairman, in the case of the outbreak, the "national derby" date has been adjusted again and again. The fundamental purpose is not to stay away from the virus, but to ensure economic benefits. Such behavior is tantamount to endangering public health.


However, as the most valuable part of the Jinyuan sports circle, the five major leagues, including the Champions League, are naturally a large stage for various sponsors, broadcasters, and operators to generate economic benefits. European football can become the most powerful in world football. The most systematic sector is precisely the economic income linkage behind it. Stopping the league is tantamount to stopping income. This kind of interest-related matters is definitely not a decision.


The impact is far more than football. On March 12, the NBA announced that the league will enter a suspension period. The outbreak point of the incident was the diagnosis of Jazz player Gobert. It is reported that the cause of Gobert’s infection was given to a player on March 7. The little fan signed his signature. The little fan was subsequently diagnosed with infection, which may be the source of the infection of Gobert. But vice versa, it does not rule out that Gobert is the source of infection for small fans.

影响远不止足球。 3月12日,NBA宣布联盟将进入停赛期。事件的爆发点是对爵士乐演奏者Gobert的诊断。据报道,戈伯特感染的原因已于3月7日交给一名球员。小球迷签名了他的签名。小风扇随后被诊断出感染,这可能是戈伯特感染的根源。但是反之亦然,这并不排除戈伯特是小球迷的感染源。

It was only after Gobert’s diagnosis that he deliberately touched the microphone after the press conference was criticized, which showed his ignorance and contempt for the epidemic. Then worse news came. His teammate Mitchell was also criticized. Confirmed. Gobert also kissed basketball in the last game. Under such a situation, the United States, already caught in the new coronavirus, announced the suspension of NBA and other sports.


The suspension has naturally brought huge losses in competition. Global sports events have entered a cold winter. The loss of NBA tickets alone exceeded $500 million, not to mention the value of copyright and advertising. After all, the total revenue of the NBA last season reached 8.8 billion US dollars. For players, unable to play can also face an "economic crisis." Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks team, has stated that he cannot provide financial support for the Mavericks employees who work during the suspension.

停赛自然给比赛带来了巨大损失。全球体育赛事进入了一个寒冷的冬天。仅NBA门票一项的损失就超过5亿美元,更不用说版权和广告的价值了。毕竟,上赛季NBA的总收入达到了88亿美元。对于玩家而言,无法玩游戏还会面临“经济危机”。小牛队老板马克·库班(Mark Cuban)表示,他无法为停职期间工作的小牛员工提供财务支持。

In addition to the NBA, another major sport F1 has also entered a suspension. Prior to this, the suspension of F1 was due to the epidemic in the place where the Grand Prix was held, so F1 postponed the China, Vietnam, and Bahrain Grand Prix. And just after the practice in Australia, a McLaren team staff member tested positive for nucleic acid, and the first four races of F1 were cancelled or postponed under the influence of the epidemic.


From this, we have seen that in the face of the epidemic, life is absolutely higher than sports, and the essence of sports is to make people healthier. No matter how great the economic benefits behind sports are, all sports people should work together to defeat this "war". Epidemic", which is what every athlete is good at.


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