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With Sterling's goal, Manchester City defeated Arsenal at home, avenging their defeat in the FA Cup semi-final last season. In this campaign, both sides have made efforts to control the midfielder, but the two coaches have different ways of solving problems. Arteta abandoned the previously well-functioning three-center defender system. The Gunners' original solid defensive system revealed flaws. Guardiola built a formation structure that can produce multiple changes, and won the game in their best way.


Arteta set up a 433 formation for this campaign, and Saka can be placed at the left back when he retreats to build a temporary five-back defense line. Manchester City's formation is quite changeable. Rodri switched between center back and midfielder. Foden and Mahrez on the flanks covered front and back, pushing the formation from 334 to 442/424.


In the league that has ended, Guardiola used a "double midfielder" combination against Wolves and Leicester. Only when facing the newly promoted Liz United did Rodri take a single midfielder. In this campaign, Guardiola asked four frontcourt attackers to actively exert pressure on their opponents, arranged Bernardo Silva and Cancello to protect Rodri in the ribs, cutting off Arsenal's front and back connections by placing the center of gravity in front of the formation. , Use patient control of the ball to mobilize and consume opponents.

在结束的联赛中,瓜迪奥拉对阵狼队和莱斯特队使用了“双重中场”组合。仅在面对刚刚晋级的利兹联时,罗德里才选择了一名中场球员。在这场战役中,瓜迪奥拉要求四名前场进攻者积极向对手施加压力,安排贝尔纳多·席尔瓦和坎塞洛保护肋骨中的罗德里,通过将重心置于编队前面切断阿森纳的前后连接。 ,使用患者控制球来动员和消耗对手。

In the FA Cup semi-final contest last season, Arsenal relied on the three-back system to establish a backcourt advantage, cracked Manchester City's high position and took the wing to score a counterattack goal. In this campaign, Guardiola changed the formation structure to help Manchester City gain an advantage in the frontcourt wrestling stage. After Arsenal used the wing to pass through Manchester City’s first line of defense, Manchester City’s three “back midfielders” were able to keep up with the anti-gunner’s ball holders (Saka and Ceballos), limiting the opponent’s attack speed .


When Arsenal used the 523/541 defensive system, Manchester City could not find a penetration path on the sides and ribs, and could only use crosses frequently to hit the big luck. When Arteta changed to four defenders, Manchester City got a relatively loose attacking space in the frontcourt. Seven players in the midfield were suppressed by man-to-man defense. Without Lacazette's striker, no one was able to pick up the ball from the backfield. Arsenal's ground line was blocked.


Manchester City's backcourt module operates flexibly, and the positions of frontcourt players are also full of changes. Aguero and Sterling are in the middle, Foden and Mahrez are on the two wings. Manchester City's formation can be aggressive 424 or 460 in the midfielder. Sterling and Aguero form a front and back position, Arsen The loopholes in the defense of Na's waist are highlighted.


In the FA Cup semi-finals, Arsenal got 3 excellent opportunities and seized 2 of them. Eric Garcia and Laporte played very badly. In this campaign, the new aids Ruben Dias and Aker performed relatively steadily. Arsenal's main attack direction fell on the defense zone of Cancelo and Walker.

在足总杯半决赛中,阿森纳获得了3次绝佳机会,其中2次获得了机会。埃里克·加西亚(Eric Garcia)和拉波特(Laporte)表现很糟糕。在这次运动中,新的助教鲁本·迪亚斯和阿克尔表现相对稳定。阿森纳的主要进攻方向落在坎索和沃克的防守区。

Manchester City is 4-4-2 in the defense of the position, but the local individual defense and assistance protection are not tight enough. Saka has created threats in several confrontations with Rodri and Cancelo. However, due to the poor performance of Pepe on the right, which failed to contain Manchester City’s defensive force well, Saka and Aubameyang always faced dense defense. In addition, Edsson played bravely and the Gunners failed to make progress. ball.


Arsenal completed 11 shots in this campaign, of which 7 appeared in the penalty area. In the first 45 minutes of the game, 6 of the 7 shots completed by Arsenal appeared in the penalty area. The intensive offensive mainly concentrated on the period (23' to 45') after Manchester City took the lead. After entering the second half, the score The trailing Arsenal only completed 4 shots, the shot closest to the goal was completed by David Luiz from the penalty area, and the other 3 shots all appeared outside the penalty area.

阿森纳在这场运动中完成了11枪,其中7球出现在禁区。在比赛的前45分钟,阿森纳完成7球中的6球出现在禁区。密集攻势主要集中在曼彻斯特城带队之后的时期(23'至45')。进入下半场,比分落后的阿森纳仅完成4球,最接近球门的一球由戴维·路易斯(David Luiz)在禁区完成,其余3球全部出现在禁区外。

The Gunners strengthened the attack on the right after changing sides, but did not try to speed up from the back to the front, and the transfer scheduling after entering the frontcourt was not quick and timely enough. William leaned to the right and played between Pepe and Bellerin. Cooperation is one of the few threats. The Gunners continuously tried to attack from the right and failed. Guardiola replaced Aguero and pushed Foden to the center position, restarting the "speed version" 433 formation to suppress the opponent's counter-offensive momentum.

换手后,炮手加强了右边的进攻,但没有尝试从后方加速到前方,进入前场后的转送时间表不够迅速和及时。威廉靠右,在佩佩(Pepe)和贝勒林(Bellerin)之间打球。合作是为数不多的威胁之一。炮手不断尝试从右边进攻,但失败了。瓜迪奥拉接替阿奎罗,将弗登推到中间位置,重新开始“速度版” 433的编队,以压制对手的反攻势头。

Guardiola does not reject the counterattack in individual games, but the premise is that there must be a sharp pass and run line as a killer move. De Bruyne’s absence has weakened the team’s ability to strike in depth. Arsenal’s starting lineup has gathered a lot of offensive players. Guardiola must mobilize more resources to support the defense, Cancello and Bernardo Silva. Playing the midfielder, Foden led the frontcourt oppression and Sterling in the middle of the lineup is also a continuation of this idea.


Since last season, Foden has played all positions behind the center, but the most suitable for him is the offensive midfielder. Manchester City needs such a forward-conscious "shadow front" to assist Aguero and Jesus.


Since Guardiola entered Manchester City, the overall style of the Premier League has become more and more diverse. There are more and more teams that are changeable, based on defense and focus on efficiency. Manchester City is constantly refreshing the league points record while becoming Targeted by everyone. Lost the chance to defend the league in a staggering way, Manchester City soldiers set off again after learning from the pain.


In the past strong dialogues, Guardiola has repeatedly fainted because of too much emphasis on the midfielder. In the two rounds against Real Madrid in the last match, Guardiola put up a 442 switch 424 formation, the tactical focus shifted from the midfield to the striker, and achieved good results. This time against the "bitter master" Arsenal, Guardiola adopted a similar deployment, and made further refinement of the formation structure, achieved the expected goal, and also let people see the hope of Blue Moon breaking the cocoon.


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