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亚搏app官网下载|苏亚雷斯解除隔离 津媒:身价相差12倍的利马慌吗?
名称:亚搏app官网下载|苏亚雷斯解除隔离 津媒:身价相差12倍的利马慌吗?

   Source of manuscript: New Vision of Sports


   Since October 2nd, Tianjin TEDA has been preparing for the second stage of the league match in Tianjin. This evening, TEDA’s Portuguese super striker Suarez, who was heavily introduced by TEDA in the third round, finally released the medical observation and officially joined the team. With his report, TEDA finally assembled the strongest lineup. The core task of the team is to knead the tactical system in place and prepare for the relegation knockout round that starts on October 16.


   At 17:48 on the evening of October 9th, TEDA’s foreign aid Suarez officially ended the 14-day medical quarantine observation. TEDA Club sent a special car to his quarantined hotel to take him back to the resident TEDA Club. When Suarez walked out of the hotel’s dedicated passageway, he was in a good state of mind. Soon, Suarez was recognized by people. Someone said to him: "Try to score more goals!" The translation translated this sentence. To him, Suarez smiled knowingly, and then he waved to the people around him, and hurriedly boarded the TEDA club car.


   However, when everyone is looking forward to Suarez's arrival, there is probably one person in the TEDA team that has a relatively complicated mood, that is, another TEDA new aid Lima. As a fellow Brazilian and also from the Portuguese Super League, Lima and Suarez have a natural sense of intimacy, but the high degree of overlap on the court makes the two inevitably fierce competition. However, in this delicate relationship, Lima, who was one step ahead of Suarez, took the initiative to communicate with his fellow and "rival".


   We have competed on the court before. He is a very good player. We also met in the Portuguese Super League before. After he came to Tianjin, we also exchanged text messages. I introduced him some things including my understanding of this club after I came to this club, and so on. I believe his arrival can help the team a lot.


Suarez is better than Lima in terms of value or professional resume, and Lima only scored one goal in the five games after joining the team, which also made the scale of competition even before the official game started. Falling to Suarez's side. However, in the face of the crisis that the main position is likely to be robbed, Lima is very indifferent. In his opinion, if he can do himself well in usual training, his competitors may also become strike partners.


   I don’t think there is any conflict. We are all members of the club, and we are obliged to give everything for this club and do everything we can to give for this club. I think both of us can work well together, and I believe we can be ourselves. As for the technique and tactics, or the use of personnel, it is up to the head coach to decide.




On October 9th, with Suarez's smooth "exit", the battle for the position of the TEDA team's striker will also begin. I hope this is a healthy competition that promotes each other. After all, "double guns" on the road to relegation are better than single-handed. More secure. According to the current arrangement, on October 10, TEDA team will accept the nucleic acid test of all members and complete the corresponding physical health test in accordance with the China Super League epidemic prevention requirements. On the same day, some of the staff who were tested in advance will arrive in the Dalian competition area first to make relevant preparations for the team's presence. After the warm-up match with Luneng, all TEDA team members who arrived in Dalian on the 12th will undergo nucleic acid testing again. After 24 hours of isolation in accordance with regulations, the team will also officially enter the state of relegation battle.


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